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Charles Fratantoni, with Tammy and Angelo Fratantoni are HomeSmart Agents who make their  home and care for their clients in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. As Real Estate Investors  themselves with 20+ years of combined experience Buying and Selling, Renovating and Flipping  homes in the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, we provide our Clients with a unique skill  set.  

Each homes value, amenities, condition and value is as Unique as it’s address. Have you found a  great home with a tired Kitchen but are afraid to write an Offer because you don’t know what it  will cost to make it the Kitchen of your dreams? No worries, we can help you with finishes and  design and we’ll tell you what it can cost you because we’ve done that dozens of times!  

46 items on the Home Inspection Report? Which ones are worrisome and which are fillers?  Who should fix them and what should it cost? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got a long list of  qualified, licensed tradesman who will quickly answer our call and provide information and  estimates and complete the work for you if you choose. 

Are you ready to sell but don’t have the time or money to update your property? We can help  you with Staging ideas and Offer potential Buyers design and finish ideas, along with some  Estimates that can make Buyers excited about your home and get them to the Offer table.  

As Phoenix/Scottsdale Natives, Charles, Tammy and Angelo know the Valley of the Sun. With  our family, we’ve been here to witness and participate in its growth since the early 70’s. We  have helped clients find or sell their homes as far east as Sun Lakes and as far West as Tonopah with our focus on the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. A Real Estate transaction is a serious and often stressful process, mostly because of the unknown. Charles, Tammy and Angelo are here to share our experience and resources to make your Real Estate transaction a fun and exciting experience.

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